• Life

    Dana Maria Andrei is the happy mom of two boys. Her children and her husband are the greatest source of joy, wisdom and harmony. She is a continuous learner and has dedicated all her professional life to human capital growth and leadership development, in one way or another.

    She is 100% dedicated to partnering in building performant organisations & teams.

  • Career

    Dana Maria is fortunate enough to have been able to accumulate experience from the three most vital aspects of active life: she has more than 15 years of experience in both governmental and corporate area, as well as a consultant & business woman for the last 5 years.

    First, for ~ four years she was counsellor and then the leader of the Ministry of Communications’ department of International Relations and European Integration in the governmental area. Then, for 6 years, she was part of CEZ Romania, a multinational company in the energy field, leading more departments: Internal Communication, PR & External Communication; Branding, Human Resources & Trade Union Negotiations.

    “This amazing professional experience made me understand who I am and what I can do, what I am passionate about and how I can best serve my partners. Living in these worlds and working with so many leaders, but also being given the chance to lead (after I have been led by other leaders!!) gave me the necessary insights to be able to assess communication needs, leadership circumstances and most of all what is the best way to improve all this, in a really integrated and complete manner.”

    Dana Maria has dealt with negotiations (from international bodies to Trade Unions), with reorganisations, unbundling processes, rebranding of newly privatized companies, communication & PR strategies, with international events (from organizing to participating), leading, mentoring, but also, of course, a lot of learning, being mentored and many lessons to be learned.

    I coach and I’m being coached, I teach and I’m being taught, I mentor and I’m being mentored, I follow leaders but I am also leading. But most of all, I partner! It’s been a complete process and it definitely continues. That is what I call healthy leadership & personal development: never stop learning and never stop applying.

    At this moment, Resonance Consulting is about partnerships in building performant leaders, teams and organisations. It also invests in companies with potential and contributes to the development of various projects in e-commerce, fire safety, jewellery, etc.

    Dana Maria Andrei
    Masters Degree in Communication – Romania, Bucuresti University
    Business Coach – Alain Cardon Metasysteme Coaching School
    Certified Executive Coach – Center for EXecutive Coaching Andrew Neitlich
    John Maxwell Certified Coach in Leadership & Communication – USA
    Points of View Certified Practitioner – Coaching & Training Tool – Romania
    Executive Presence Certified Consultant, Corporate Class – Toronto, Canada
    International School of Protocol & Diplomacy – Summer School – Brussels, Belgium

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