• Why is Professional Image important for my business’ success?


    Whether you are a business person or a politician, a public figure or an employee of a company, image is vital. Whatever you do, wherever you are, image takes you up or down another level. But it definitely has an impact. It exists and it produces effects. Whether we like it or not, we all have an image. It is up to us to control it…or not.

    People form their opinion of a stranger within 2 to 7 seconds of setting their eyes on the person. Clothing, body language, etiquette and vocal communication help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions. Given that each person is unique, image management takes into account the person’s personal style, enhances strengths and downplays weaknesses
    The image you project is the strong factor that influences people’s perception.

    That is why most important organizations in the field call it the ABC of your success: Attitude, Behavior and Communication.

    Are you projecting the right image for the right occasion?
    Do you know the why behind the image you project?
    Does your image have the desired influence on people?

    Companies invest a lot in their corporate images and brand, but many times they the same companies forget the most important asset their business has: the employees! 
The employees’ professional image is the mirror of that company’s image, since it is those employees with whom the clients meet and interact.

    Politicians often understand the need of image management too late, that is during a meeting, or during an international event or congress. That’s when they realize: “ups, I should’ve prepared myself better on how I dress, how I eat, how I address myself to certain cultures, etc”.

    Dining Etiquette, International Etiquette, Public Speaking Skills, Working with a Full Room, Stage Presence, International Business Communication…only to name a few that a real politician or a business leader needs.

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