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    Leadership Development

    Leading yourself, the teams and the operations.

    Leading Self
    Is there clarity of mind? Is there clarity of objectives?
    Where are you going? With whom? Why? How?
    How far are you in self awareness, values discovery and core beliefs definition?
    How well did you define and connect to your own vision and purpose, so that you can also clearly communicate it further?

    Leading People & Teams
    How do you support your team to gain a sense of meaning in the company, so that they are truly motivated and engaged in the job?
    How do you align the values of the company with the actual daily routine & actions of the employees?
    How do you develop a high & positive energy in the company, through tools and actions that keep the motor running at the perfect speed, in good harmony & always in a high performance mood?
    Everyone communicates, but (how) do you connect? Develop effective relationships and interpersonal excellence, through collaboration & partnership skills.
    How much is competition and how much is cooperation among your teammates?
    How much is individual responsibility and how much is common culture & common effort, in the benefit of a performant culture?
    How much is values & engagement and how much is about rules & bureaucracy?
    What drives the individual behavior and how can we boost the spirit in the company?
    How do you get key people on board in order to drive the change in a better and more efficient way?

    Leading the organization
    How do you develop a high performance culture, by defining & communicating the vision, the strategy?
    How do you develop systems thinking and a culture of trust, commitment and performance!
    Communication does not build alignment & change, it simply brings awareness & understanding, if done properly. How do you further develop and take the right actions that translate into performance and aligning the organization to its greatest objective.
    How well is connected what is planned with what is done? And how do you plan? And how do you measure?
    You know what they say: “what got you here won’t get you there”. How do you further develop & refresh alignment and engagement in the organization?

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