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  • Is it really necessary to keep learning?

    Lately, people have been often asking me how come I made it, all over again, in a time of crises and lack of will to learn and develop. Well, the answer is simple… I had exactly this: the will to learn and develop. And it was not even all over again…I look at it as a natural process…from a governmental area (5 years)…to a leading position in corporate world (6 years)…to having my own business…all these, seasoned with an ongoing condition: to never stop learning!

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  • The smallest crowd you will ever lead is yourself. But it’s the most important one.

    I had a long talk today with an old-time colleague and friend. I think it has been more than 7 years since we have not seen each other. Just like the wine gets better with age, she got better with age: she is more beautiful, more open-minded, more free-judgmental, more trained professionally, more everything. Except one thing.

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  • Leadership is influence

    “Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing else”
    ….that’s what I have come to learn from on of my great mentors and teachers, who I had the privilege to meet last year in the United States, but also, whom I have read and I have learned from, for so many years.

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  • Public Speaking

    Few days ago, I had to talk to someone briefly about public speaking. Usually, it takes time to learn about it, and even more times even years of practice, to really become good at public speaking.

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