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  • Is it really necessary to keep learning?
    • 14-08-2013
    • Communication
    • by admin

    Lately, people have been often asking me how come I made it, all over again, in a time of crises and lack of will to learn and develop. Well, the answer is simple… I had exactly this: the will to learn and develop. And it was not even all over again…I look at it as a natural process…from a governmental area (5 years)…to a leading position in corporate world (6 years)…to having my own business…all these, seasoned with an ongoing condition: to never stop learning!

    I have left the corporate world, two years ago, June 22nd (my birthday and, also, I was pregnant…:-). It was the hardest moment professionally for me, but also the best thing that could happen. My hardest moments were my greatest teachers. Since then, I gave birth to my second beautiful baby boy, I have gone twice in United States and got certified in Leadership Development Coaching, I went in Canada Toronto and got certified in Executive Presence and Business Protocol (I am the only one in Europe), I went in Brussels and did the Summer School at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, I started my own beautiful business in coaching, training & consultancy in leadership development, professional image, etiquette & protocol and I am preparing for the Masters degree in Diplomacy & Protocol in Brussels. My clients are beautiful, smart, incredibly ambitious persons, we grow together on daily basis and we make our best to be better tomorrow than today.

    Now…why am I telling you all this? To show off… :-) No! To tell you it was one of the most difficult period in my life and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful and rewarding!!! You cannot grow if you do not get out of your comfort zone! That is my message for you today, from the bottom of my heart! It is also one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received! God knows how much I cried these two years… I cried because of great disappointments in people I so much believed in, I cried because I was missing my babies so much while being on another continent studying while Alex was only 9 months old… I cried because unfair things happen to good honest people, I cried because… simply… I was very tired. I never thought one can be that tired. :-)

    But oh…I also laughed… in fact…even when I was crying, my heart was filled with love that I felt for my family and with love that my family gives me. My children, my soul mate, my parents and my friends…I am so lucky.

    But the ONE thing we must never stop doing, no matter how tired or strong we feel we are, is LEARN. Whether this means a new experience, being more attentive to the world around you, a book, a course, a masters degree or just having a training experience with a group of like-minded people…keep learning. I am a much better person today than I was one year ago because of all the learning I do. And I know I will be a much better person next year than I am now, because of all the learning I do.

    What does it mean learning today for me? Well! I can assure you I do not talk about the old fashion way of memorizing things – going the exam, type of thing. No no. Learning today means much more than that. Everywhere you go, any type of course or school you decide to follow, in any country or continent you decide to go for study, of course you also have to read books, listen to lectures, give exams, etc. But!!! What is very important is that it also means getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new wonderful people, network, understand multiculturalism, growing, living, knowing yourself better, making friendships, partnerships, and most of all: watch and learn, i.e. observe what is really going on around you. Simply put: food for both the mind and the soul!

    Never stop learning! Never stop growing! Never stop living! …and if it’s hard…well, that’s a good sign, my friends! It means you’re only growing….and all I can say, in this case, is Bravo!

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